About us

Why Save the Bees

Why a bee rescue in Phoenix Arizona

We are dedicated to saving the planet through our tiny little helper.  Why? because they are so vital to the ecosystem.  Science shows that these little insects help the planet that losing them would be a catastrophe.  So why create a nice bee rescue in Arizona when this is the place of numerous “Africanized, Killer bee attacks”?  Well the answer is simple and complex, but put in the simplest way possible. These bees are still a wonderful part of the ecosystem.  Are they a freak of nature?  Possibly, but with roughly 1,500 various species of honey bees, this  concern is small in comparison to the alternative of trying to erraticate them through extermination.  Bees simply need to survive, and to be very positive about “killer bees” they actually produce a lot more honey and are very hardy when it comes to survival in the Hot Southwest.  Especially in Phoenix Arizona where temperatures reach up to the 120s.  These bees have been proven to survive.

So that is why we are doing what we do.  We want to rescue the bees.  This website is dedicated to your education.  As I write this introduction material about who we are I just got off the phone with someone who was concerned about his family safety and bees.  In 5 minutes I walked him through safe measures he can take to keep his entire household including his pets safe around bees. That is why we exist.  To  improve the environment for bees and humans.

Who we are as people

We are a collection of beekeepers and bee enthusiasts ranging from actual beekeepers to simply people who care for bees and don’t want them killed.  We all got tired of hearing of the demise of the wonder bees in our community and we banded together to form this Blog in order to keep you coming back to learn more, and to keep us engaged in the fight against killing bees, and even saving the “killer bees”.  We all enjoy gardening, the wild life which is where our site gets its name “Wild at Start”.  We are all wild from the get go, but with refining and time we can all coexist together.  Which is the relationship between us and bees.



Bobby Boswell