Relocate your Bees in Phoenix

Saving Bees

Bee relocation Process

Bee removal and relocation can be a very easy and straight forward process.  Professional removal companies like Top Bee Removal Experts Abello Bees in Arizona can make this process easy since they have done this thousands of times, making educational courses and even writing books on the subject.  There are also companies that will make this process more complicated than it has to be, those companies are usually the less experienced companies and sometimes exterminators.

Pest Control

Unlike other companies that are licensed to destroy bee colonies, bee removal companies will remove and relocate the whole hive.  The parts of a hive including the different types of bees are listed below. Pest control usually includes killing with pesticides and then going in and removing honey comb for an extra fee, which is usually a lot more than just calling out a beekeeper the first time.  Sometimes they miss the Queen Bee, and fail to kill the whole hive, so exterminators will be called out multiple times.

Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is a very magnificent sight to see.  She is longer than a worker bee and tends to have an orange or yellow tint to her look, which is really just her longer body showing more color.  There is only 1 queen in a hive, she lays eggs all day, eats royal jelly as a baby, and can survive for years.  She also determines the temperament of the hive.  If she is nice and sweet, the bees will tend to be nice and sweet.

Saving Bees

Saving bees can be a very tricky process depending on where they are living.  They can be in planes, trains and automobiles.  They routinely go into brick walls and houses as well.  Do not take the advice from anyone who says that the bees need to be exterminated.

Drone Bees

Typically, the male bees are called the drone bees.  They are twice the size of the normal worker bee and a little longer in length.  They are said to mate with other queen bees.  This is where the genetic variation comes in from a hive.  This is also the reason that the hive that is really mean or really nice can change its temperament over time.

Baby Bees

Baby bees are better known as “brood”.  This is also known as “brood comb” when the babies are situated inside of “comb” or what most people think of as honey comb.

Honey Comb

Honey comb is pretty much self-explanatory, but what most people don’t realize is that this waxy substance can be created on the spot.  When bees swarm they are moving through the neighborhood or area where they are looking for a place to land and begin their new hive.  So they start to immediately build the comb from what is inside of them.

Honey comb with Pollen and other nutrition

There is also a honey comb that has pollen and bee bread inside of it.  This is a nutritional substance that is used for the hive.  Pictures of honey comb, brood comb and everything found within the comb can be found here.

Brood Comb

The comb with baby larvae bees inside of it that is where the queen lays her larvae.  They are usually in a spiral pattern on the honey comb where the bees are able to then feed and care for them, until they are capped off and able to grow.  Once they are ready to emerge they chew through the capping and are born, ready to work.

Drone Comb

Drone comb is just like the brood comb, but the drones tend to have an eraser head like appearance.  They are in the brood comb arrangement. Drones area said to be the sign of a healthy hive. If they have enough energy, time and space to start making drones they are in good shape everywhere else as a superorganism.

Bee Boxes and relocating them

During the relocation process bees are relocated with their comb.  They bees are naturally attracted to the brood comb and will make sure they are taken care of, when the queen is taken most of the bees will take notice and follow her.  The bee box comes in all length sizes and styles but it typically consists of frames that the comb is attached to and then set inside of the boxes.  The boxes stack on top of each other and are finished off with a lid and a bottom.  There are many other parts that can be utilized in a bee box but this is the gist.


Do a Google search for Abello bees to start saving bees.

  1. All bees can be saved
  2. Beekeepers who are licensed tend to be exterminators as well as beekeepers and 9/10 will opt to kill the bees vs. save them.
  3. There are various types of comb, not just honey comb
  4. Always call a professional bee removal service and not someone “doing it for free”
  5. Bee safe, know your surrounds and always have a place to get inside to escape bees if being attacked.

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